Fred Sisto Testimonials

Fred Sisto is one of the highest rated criminal attorneys in the State. His level of commitment to his clients’ cases is second to none.

Thanks to Fred I have no criminal record whatsoever.
– Luke A.

All charges were thrown out after just one court appearance.
-Dominic C.

Excellent advice. Handled my case professionally and efficiently.
– Danni K.

I would highly recommend Mr. Sisto. He is very insightful and proficient, yet still down to Earth. Fred is great at communicating and breaking down the facts. But most importantly, he excels at getting results.
– Bill K.

I wholeheartedly recommend the legal services of Frederick Sisto. Mr. Sisto brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, and professionalism – qualities that make him highly effective at providing legal counsel.
– John D.

Fred is a stickler for details and communicates with clients very, very well. He is smart and astute. I would recommend him unconditionally.
– Tom O.

I would absolutely recommend Fred to anyone in New Jersey who is dealing with criminal charges. Fred was able get results when other attorneys did not.
– Brian C.

Attorney Sisto has been able to assist both family and friends when I have asked. He has provided solid advise and represented in the most professional manner.
– Joseph K

Many attorneys seek to become great at trial or great on appeal, but Mr. Sisto is one of the rare examples of an attorney who has become great at both.
– Ernest A

I’ve had good lawyers defend me before but Mr.Sisto is beyond the best I’ve had. He explains everything every step of the way until your court date and excels on getting results, I defiantly recommend his services.
– Imer J

Looking for a lawyer that is reliable and good at what he does, call Frederick P. Sisto!!
– Jose G

Deserved 5 star review. I got all my charges dismissed.
– MZ

Very good Lawyer , easy to work with . Gets results!
-William C

Fred Sisto helped me get my life back together. He is an outstanding lawyer, who pays close attention to detail. His knowledge of the law, and compassion for his clients is at a high level. He will do everything he can to fight for a good outcome. An excellent choice of a lawyer.

I recently utilized his exceptional services and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice.
-Mark A

Fred will fight for you all the way.
-Peter D

Best in the business. Very professional.
-Timothy M

Fred is an outstanding lawyer. As a fellow attorney, I’ve relied on his expertise in several cases, and have referred clients to him with excellent results.

Exquisite business ethic couldn’t ask for a better service from a lawyer superior job def recommend to friends family and even strangers
-Luke A

Using Fredrick Sisto for my attorney was a great experience. He was very easy to understand and work with. Also very good at his job and hard working. I would recommend to anyone who is seeking an attorney!
-Thomas L

Fred is the absolute BEST out there!! My experience with him was great he walked me thru everything and got my charges dropped!!!!!
-Kat M

Mr. Fred Sisto handled a case regarding my business. He was always available to answer my calls directly and helped me with any questions I had. He also had the case dismissed before I was even able to make it to the court room! I know it can be difficult when finding an attorney but I know I made no mistake choosing the law offices of Frederick Sisto, I highly recommend him!!
-Kari G

Fred is the best! He is extremely professional and kept constant contact so I was always in the loop. My charges got dismissed and I couldn’t be happier. Would highly recommend!
-Ryan T

Fred was extremely helpful and knowledgable. He made the whole process as painless and easy as possible.
-Toly C

Fred was great and very reasonable. He was extremely easy to get ahold of or very quick to return my calls. I was able to get my charge dropped altogether. I highly recommend Fred!
-Jasmine C

Fantastic lawyer, I had two charges that were thankfully dropped thanks to Fred. If you’re looking for a great lawyer, Fred Sisto is the guy to call. 5 stars. Thank you Fred Sisto.
-Dan M

Fred Sisto is easy to work with. He explains all the intricate detail in an our language not lawyers lingo. He is also very responsive to questions you communicate to him. All of this and he was able to arrange a very favorable deal on top of being a good guy.
-Frank T

Fred helped me in a civil matter and was very attentive to my needs and responsive to my emails. Also very detail-oriented and timely. Highly recommend.
-Kristen C

Mr. Sisto was not only a knowledgeable and excellent lawyer, he was compassionate and understanding during this difficult time. I found Mr. Sisto to always be available and he services were affordable and effective. You will not find a better lawyer.
-Joseph S

Very professional, always available to answer any questions I had. Plus, I didn’t lose my license all thanks to him. Great lawyer overall
-David B

Fred is a good attorney because he is available 24-7 & always returned my calls..he makes your day in court brief so your not sitting in court all day.
-Karen P

Highly effective and professional. Great communication. Charges dismissed.

Great lawyer, very professional, and will take his time to answer any and all of your questions.
-Carlos O

Affordable, knowledgeable, efficient.
-Deb W

Fred Sisto is a great asset.
-Matthew P

Great!!! , got my case handled in the exact manner that I was told and would recommend to everyone else in need of legal representation.
-Raumelis R

Get what you pay for, otherwise the government’s gonna get you more with fees you didn’t even know about. Thank you Fred.
-Amy L

My charges were dismissed and he quickly got an expungement for me. He’s worth way more than what I paid for. I will always be grateful. He never missed a single call, text or email from me.
-Bre D

Fred was a excellent choice for my case, whatever he told on the first call exactly what happened in courtroom, very professional/ Down to earth, great in communication he reply’s no matter what time of the day or night it is. Very impresses with him and I finally found my go to guy for every legal need.
-Sam S

Mr. Sisto is very knowledgeable in the specific area of which he practices. I was beyond thankful for the end results of which could not have been achieved without Mr. Sisto’s intervention.
-Shawn H

Fred is a good lawyer, he is really young yet made me feel confident that my lawful rights were being protected, and investigated all avenues when there was potential they weren’t. He is very knowledgeable, and offered great peace of mind in such a distressing situation. I always felt like he had my back throughout the whole process, supporting aspects to my case that didn’t even fall within his scope. I would highly recommend Fred.
-Amy L

Fred Sisto was fantastic in every meaning of the word. He was responsive to my emails and calls, he kept me updated and informed with every step of the way, and helped me understand all of my options.

My case resolved exactly as I was hoping it would, and exactly how he promised it would. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
-Kyle S

Fred Sisto was a great lawyer, my outcome of my case was just how we wanted it to be. He was very good at answering phone calls and emails in a timely fashion. He was very easy to talk to and understanding of my situation. He made sure I knew all angles of the case and our best options when moving forward. I know that hiring a lawyer isn’t always easy but I highly suggest Fred Sisto if you are put in the position and are in need of a lawyer.

-Cory C

Frederick Sisto Law Office guided me through my legal needs, they were very responsive and professional and I would use certainly use them again.

-Ryan P

Fred Sisto is very responsive, courteous, and he really knows what he’s doing. I highly recommend Fred.

-Ken L

Helped with my issues timely manner and continued constant communication to make sure I was aware of any changes or issues that arose.

-Mark W

Fred Sisto is a great asset

-Matthew P

Attorney Sisto has been able to assist both family and friends when I have asked. He has provided solid advise and represented in the most professional manner. He has a wealth of information and works tirelessly for his clients. Although I hope to never need his criminal services myself, I would feel more comfortable and confident that I have an attorney of his caliber defending me.

-Joseph K

Great guy got me out of a lot of legal trouble highly recommended.
-Frank S

First of all I thank you Mr. Frederick P Sisto for representing me legally. You are an excellent lawyer who speaks with the truth from the beginning. You are a professional lawyer who knows what he does before the courts regardless of my legal status in this country. I represent myself with respect and above all very professionally and could make my crime go down from second grade to third grade and the best thing that did not allow me to be given time in jail

my family and I are very grateful to you

I can recommend Mr. Frederick P Sisto as an excellent lawyer and without a doubt AS ONE OF THE BEST OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY

-Raul F

I had the pleasure of dealing with Mr Sisto personally from beginning to end. He was very Professional, very clear with his communication and acted quickly to find a solution to my particular issue. I HIGHLY recommend Frederick P Sisto to any and all who need an amazing and hard working attorney…

-Eddie B

I was very fortunate to find Attorney Fred Sisto for my legal case in Ocean County, NJ. He was thoroughly versed in the law and kept me informed at all times. When it came time for my court date, he showed up early and clearly advised me of all possible options. I could not be happier with the outcome Fred was able to negotiate for me. I highly recommend him!

-Kelly L

I recently retained Mr. Fred Sisto to represent my son regarding a very serious legal matter. If not handled correctly these charges could have resulted in bad consequences for my son’s future prospects. Mr. Sisto’s knowledge of the criminal justice system is evident since he was able to get all charges dropped as well as getting them expunged from his record. If you need a criminal justice attorney who will respond quickly to all your questions and concern, as well as achieve a satisfactory solution to your case I strongly recommend Attorney Fred Sisto.

-Joseph M

I have sought out Mr. Sisto for two traffic related cases. His hard work and dedication to getting results for me was very evident from the get go. He was very informative throughout the entire process of working on my cases and during the court sessions as well. Very professional and very friendly. If anyone in the area is looking for a very good and quality representation, Mr. Sisto is a go to.

-Brett S

Recently I encountered some legal matters in the state of New Jersey during my visit and it would have became serious if it was not taken care of. Mr. Sisto and I discussed the case through the phone and exchange documents through email. Since I was unable to travel back and forth due to restricted time, I have asked Mr. Sisto to handle the case on my behalf. I was very pleased with the result and would recommend Mr. Sisto for any legal matters.

-Quoc N

Mr Sisto is an excellent lawyer. The tickets I received were nothing compared to the charges i had originally. I got the best possible outcome for my case, and Mr Sisto was incredibly understanding and patient and responded to any questions I had within about 30 minutes of me asking them. I’ll be going to him again for any legal trouble I have in the future

-Brandon K

My son was represented better than I could have ever imagined. His needs were put first and was treated as a friend rather than a number. His/ our opinions were valued and our doubts were always reassured. We couldn’t have asked for a better attorney out there!!! Thanks so much!

-Danielle T

Very knowledgeable within every aspect of the law. Highly recommend his talent for your criminal defense.

-Will S

Even though I didn’t end up using Fred; I had the best experience from him out of anyone I called for a consultation. He was very clear and consise, made sure I understood my options for the situation I was faced with. He ultimately gave me the confidence to go to court pro se for my case. I also get weekly emails now that are extremely helpful and include a wealth of information for goings on around my area.

-Warren C

I was very content with Fred’s services. He was extremely communicative throughout the entire process and I am happy with our results.

-Lidia D

I called Mr. Sisto a few weeks back and he returned the call immediately! I asked a few questions and he clearly explained the options for one of my employees. He then followed up with a detailed proposal. He was completely knowledgeable, helpful and insightful. If I ever had to use him I would feel VERY comfortable with his representation.

-Dave P

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