Drug Manufacturing

Innocent until Proven Guilty

Drug manufacturing charges can affect anyone involved in the production or cultivation of any illegal narcotics. However, in order to be charged with this offense, a person does not have to be involved in the process itself. If someone assists another in obtaining certain materials needed to manufacture illegal narcotics, then that can be the basis for a manufacturing or distribution charge.This includes items such as marijuana seeds, grow lights, or other cultivating supplies used in the production of marijuana. Also, being in possession of certain amounts of drugs with pseudoephedrine as the main ingredient (i.e., methamphetamine, cold medication, or allergy medication), can result in drug manufacturing charges. When facing any type of drug-manufacturing charges, obtaining an experienced lawyer is absolutely essential.

Penalties for Drug Manufacturing

The penalties for drug manufacturing can range from probation to life in prison, depending upon the degree of the offense. Determining the degree of criminality is based on the acts committed and the amount of the drug possessed. For instance, if someone is found with more than one ounce but less than five pounds of cocaine, along with scales and bags, then they can be charged with a felony that results in a mandatory minimum three-year prison sentence. To learn more about the different penalties associated with drug manufacturing, visit norml.com.

Defenses against Drug Manufacturing

There are many ways Fred Sisto can defend a client charged with drug manufacturing. For instance:

  1. The evidence may not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was intent to manufacture the drug in question.
  2. The charges can be pleaded down to possession instead of manufacturing. This will result in the defendant receiving less severe penalties.
  3. Probation can be negotiated as a penalty instead of jail time.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal drug charges, then don’t go into court alone. Having an experienced lawyer like Fred Sisto at your side will greatly increase your chances of obtaining the best possible outcome. For a free consultation, call (732) 898-3232 or e-mail at fps@fredsisto.com.

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