People make mistakes.  Some mistakes may be deemed more severe than others and a mistake that a person made at a very young age can affect them for the remainder of their life.  For example, being charged with assault from getting mixed up in a bar fight at age 25 can prevent you from coaching your son’s little league baseball team when you’re 34.

In most circumstances, if someone performs a background check on you they will only see the prior charges on your criminal record and they will rarely ask you for an explanation.  When this information is found, the person doing the background check is likely going to throw out your application.  Obviously the crimes used in our examples do not come with penalties that one must serve for life, yet the effects of these crimes appearing on a background check will penalize you for the rest of your life in many other ways.  In order to prevent this, you can do something known as expunging your record.

The expunging process should always be guided by a lawyer at your side.  In fact, even the State’s website mentions the following in expungement process paperwork, “The court system can be confusing, and it is a good idea to get a lawyer if you can.”.  The State is absolutely right. The system is confusing and this is not a process that only requires submitting paperwork and following up on your request.  Fred Sisto can help you in the following areas of the expungement process.

  • Professionally submitting accurate information and proper paperwork to the State
  • Developing an argument that will greatly improve the chances of expunging your record
  • Gathering evidence to show a rehabilitation of character since the time the crime was committed in order to obtain an expungement in five years instead of ten
  • Appearing in court with you, if necessary to contest issues in dispute

No one should have the rest of their lives negatively impacted by a mistake made years ago.  Call Fred Sisto today at 732-898-3232 to get your life back on track.

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