Intent to Distribute Narcotics

Drug  Distribution Defense : Innocent until Proven Guilty

What is the difference between possessing a controlled substance and possessing it with the intent to distribute? The most relevant difference is that if you are intending to sell or distribute that substance, then you are affecting other people, instead of just yourself; therefore the penalties are more severe for charges relating to drug distribution.

How can law enforcement prove that someone was intending to sell or distribute the substance? Certain factors such as quantity, additional possession of paraphernalia used for distributing (scales, bags, etc.), or large amounts of cash, can be used as circumstantial evidence.

Even when the defendant is caught red handed selling drugs to an undercover officer, a skilled criminal defense attorney can make it very difficult for the state to prove its case. Entrapment or any number of viable defenses may be available.This makes it even more important to find an experienced criminal attorney like Fred Sisto.

Penalties for Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

When faced with these charges, the potential penalties, ranging from prison time, to forfeiture of valuable property, to loss of child custody, will vary depending on the circumstances and quality of your defense attorney. If convicted, one of the biggest factors that a judge will take into consideration is the defendant’s history. If the defendant has had other drug crimes or drug felonies in the past, then the judge will be far less forgiving. Jail time can range anywhere from one day to life in prison with fines exceeding millions of dollars. Generally, the more dangerous the drug and the bigger the quantity, the longer the prison sentence will be.

Defenses against Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

There are many viable defenses Fred Sisto can and has utilized in the past to fight drug possession with intent to distribute:

    1. Illegal search and seizure
    2. Lack of possession or intent
    3. Entrapment

You deserve to be properly defended, and Fred Sisto will make sure your drug distribution defense is as strong as possible.  It all starts with a phone call or email:  (732) 898-3232, or e-mail at

Intent to Distribute Narcotics Criminal Lawyer