Prescription Drug Crimes

Criminal Attorney Fred Sisto has defended many Monmouth and Ocean County residents arrested for a prescription drug crime. Whether it regards you or a loved one, contact him today to discuss the charges and how to get the criminal defense you deserve.

Innocent until Proven Guilty

The misuse of prescription drugs is becoming more and more common throughout the entire United States. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. According to the Wall Street Journal, heroin related hospital admissions alone grew by at least 50% since 2007 in 10 New Jersey Counties.

There is no question that prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in New Jersey. However, there can be some confusion as to when a prescription drug is legal or illegal. To be a legally prescribed drug, it must be obtained with a valid prescription.

Even with a valid prescription, that drug cannot be sold or distributed to another person. Anyone from the seller to the doctor who writes an illegal prescription (one that is not medically necessary or is for a greater amount than is required by the patient), can be charged with a prescription drug crime.

Prescription Drug Crime Penalties

In addition to illegally selling prescription drugs, there are several other prescription drug-related crimes:

    • Prescription fraud
    • Prescription forgery
    • Illegal prescription drug possession
    • Prescription drug distribution
    • Prescription theft

Defenses against Prescription Drug Crimes

Regardless of the drug crime, Fred Sisto will mount the most appropriate and thorough defense possible. This defense might include:

    • There was no intent to sell or distribute the prescription drugs.
    • If the defendant is a health-care professional, then there were medically valid reasons for writing the prescription.


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