Middletown Criminal Attorney

If you were arrested for a crime in Middletown, you will need a professional criminal defense attorney on your side. That is why you should contact Fred Sisto. He has a proven track record of fighting for his clients in situations where other attorneys would not.

With Fred Sisto, you will not have to worry about whether an over-worked public defender will make time for your case.

Here is a list of some other reasons you need Fred to fight for you:

  1. Fred graduated with a law degree from Rutgers University. He has an in-depth understanding of New Jersey’s judicial system. This includes the local system in Middletown. For some clients, his knowledge could be the difference between having a case dropped and receiving a long jail sentence.
  2. Every case is different. However, Fred has experience with a variety of cases. This allows him to build the most effective defense for your criminal case in Middletown.
  3. Because of his unsurpassed experience in criminal procedure and trial work, Fred Sisto can identify when evidence is not permissible or proper procedures were not adhered to during an arrest. His background in trial work means that he can ensure your rights are not being violated and that the police followed the law.
  4. You will have a lawyer who is unafraid of going to trial. Many other lawyers avoid litigation at all costs, even if it means urging a client to negotiate a lesser sentence with a prosecutor for a crime the client did not commit. Sometimes accepting a plea deal is not the right decision and a case needs to go to trial in order for the client to see the best results.

Call Fred Sisto today at 732-898-3232 for a free consultation. Don’t let an arrest in Middletown ruin your life when you can hire a professional attorney who can answer your questions, protect your rights, and inform you about your options.

Middletown Criminal Attorney