Updates on Permits to Carry Firearms (Part 2)

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Blog, Criminal Law, Monmouth County, New Jersey, Ocean County

The list of prohibited places continues: (2) a courthouse, courtroom, or any other premises used to conduct judicial or court administrative proceedings or functions; (3) a State, county, or municipal correctional or juvenile justice facility, jail and any other place maintained by or for a governmental entity for the detention of criminal suspects or offenders; (4) a State-contracted half-way house; (5) a location being used as a polling place during the conduct of an election and places used for the storage or tabulation of ballots; (6) within 100 feet of a place where a public gathering, demonstration or event is held for which a government permit is required, during the conduct of such gathering, demonstration or event; (7) a school, college, university or other educational institution, and on any school bus; (8) a child care facility, including a day care center; (9) a nursery school, pre-school, zoo, or summer camp; (10) a park, beach, recreation facility or area or playground owned or controlled by a State, county or local government unit, or any part of such a place, which is designated as a gun free zone by the governing authority based on considerations of public safety;

With video court proceedings being common, “any premises used to conduct court functions” can mean almost anywhere. Similarly, ballots can be stored or tabulated at any number of locations.

It is also very difficult to recognize when one has come within 100 feet of an even for which a government permit is required. The same difficulties apply to summer camps, and “recreational areas” controlled by a “governing authority.” These vague terms further complicate the task of permit-to-carry holders.

It would be much more reasonable if such premises or locations were required to conspicuously post that no firearms are allowed at the exterior of all entrances. As it stands, there is no such requirement. Anyone who regularly carries a firearm in public is likely to carry it into a prohibited place and commit a third-degree felony.