Asbury Park Criminal Attorney

If you are in need of a criminal attorney with experience in Asbury Park, then you should contact Fred Sisto. Not only is he an attorney with experience in Asbury Park, but also he will ensure you get the best possible outcome for your situation.

Not many attorneys are comfortable taking a case to trial—Fred Sisto is. In many instances, an attorney will try to settle a case before it goes to court. However, when Fred Sisto feels there is an opportunity for a better outcome by going to trial, he will not hesitate to do so.

Being arrested for a crime in Asbury Park can be frightening. Hire Fred Sisto to defend you. Why place your future in the hands of an over-worked public defender when you can work with someone who is as experienced and professional as Fred Sisto? He is a bilingual attorney who is fluent in Spanish. He received his law degree from Rutgers University, and he is extremely knowledgeable regarding the New Jersey criminal law system.

After taking on your case, Fred Sisto will examine how law enforcement in Asbury Park conducted your arrest. In some cases, the officers could have violated a defendant’s rights during the arrest. For example, when officers gather evidence against a defendant, they must follow specific procedures. The laws regarding the collection of evidence are numerous and complicated. Fred Sisto will find out how that process was conducted and whether or not it was conducted in a lawful manner. If it was not, then Fred Sisto will use it as a cornerstone of your legal defense.

Call Fred Sisto today at 732-898-3232 to have a professional, criminal attorney—with experience in Asbury Park—on your side.

Asbury Park Criminal Attorney