Dedication & Details Get Cocaine Charges Downgraded

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Blog, Criminal Law, Drug Crime

Fred Sisto lady justiceMany attorneys’ first instinct when representing a client on a difficult case is to try to settle without going to trial. Often times, the reason is because the representing attorney does not have enough experience to properly defend the case.

I am a detail-oriented attorney. I will stick with a case and get deep into the heart of the evidence. Many times, cocaine charges can be reduced or even dropped because of one minor element that other attorneys may overlook.

Fred stuck with my case for more than four years and countless court appearances.  He was the only lawyer out of the twelve or so representing my co-defendants who even bothered to file a motion to contest the search warrants for my car and my co-defendants’ home.  Then, he took the lead in arguing the wiretap motions.  Every time he stood up in front of the judge to fight for me I was impressed.   —Kareem W.

Case Study

This client was charged with second degree conspiracy to distribute cocaine, among other related offenses. He was facing ten years in prison on that charge alone.  

After successfully challenging the methods employed by the State during the execution of the wiretap order, the second degree charges were twice downgraded and the client was required to pay a small fine.  

Issues relating to the search warrants were preserved for appeal, thereby making it possible for the cocaine charges to ultimately be dismissed.

 Fred ended up obtaining a result that my old attorney told me was impossible.  Despite a case against me that included drugs, a scale, and other evidence found in the trunk of my car, along with wiretapped conversations where I was alleged to be discussing drugs and money, Fred got the second degree charges downgraded. I ended up with a fine, no jail time, and no probation.  He did an amazing job and I recommend him unconditionally—Kareem W.

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