Long Branch Criminal Attorney

The legal system in Long Branch can be complicated, which is why you need someone who has the professional criminal law experience only a lawyer with years in practice can provide. Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Sisto has the experience you need on your side when going through the Long Branch legal system. You can count on him to use his knowledge of the Long Branch judicial system to make sure all of your rights are protected and create a defense that will achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

In addition to his experience in Long Branch, Fred Sisto is extremely familiar with the criminal justice system in New Jersey, which enables him to deliver the results his clients want. In some circumstances, he has been able to get charges dismissed in one court appearance- all by making sure he is doing what is right for his clients.

When you choose Fred Sisto to take up your case, you will know you have made the right decision because he takes every case seriously. He fights harder for his clients than other law firms do. His goal is to make sure his client’s interests are protected.

You need to know your rights, especially when you are accused of a crime. Having Fred Sisto on your side will ensure that you know all your rights and are able to invoke them. For example, law enforcement may have overstepped their boundaries or violated your rights in the way they seized evidence.

The only way you can form a successful defense is by knowing the laws regarding the search of your home, vehicle, or property. Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Sisto knows these laws and will make sure only legally obtained evidence can be introduced during a trial.  He knows you count on him to be your representative and advocate in a court of law. Call him today at 732-898-3232 for a free initial consultation.

Long Branch Criminal Attorney