Ocean Township Criminal Attorney

Do you need a criminal attorney with experience in Ocean Township? If so, you should contact Fred Sisto. Not only does he have experience with the legal system in Ocean Township, but he also looks out for his clients and makes sure you receive the best possible outcome.

Another reason you should reach out to Fred is because he’s not afraid to take a case to trial. That’s not something many criminal defense attorneys are comfortable doing. In many instances, other attorneys will pressure a client into settling a case before it goes to trial. However, Fred Sisto will evaluate your unique situation and will not hesitate to have a case go to trial if he feels there’s an opportunity for a better outcome.

When you choose Fred Sisto to defend you, you are getting an experienced professional who will dedicate his time to getting to know the ins and outs of your case. That’s something you won’t get with an over-worked public defender juggling a large caseload.

With Fred Sisto, you will get a criminal defense attorney that will examine how law enforcement in Ocean Township conducted the arrest. There is a possibility that the arresting officers violated your rights. There are times when police officers ignore the required procedures regarding the collection of evidence which are in place to protect your rights. Fred Sisto has experience finding out how the process was conducted and determining its lawfulness. If the evidence was not obtained legally, Fred will use that fact as a cornerstone of your legal defense.

Call Fred Sisto today at 732-898-3232 to have a professional, criminal attorney —with experience in Ocean Township—on your side.

Ocean Township Criminal Attorney