Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

Fred Sisto is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney. The Supreme Court is the only authority that can license New Jersey attorneys. The Supreme Court’s board certification as a criminal trial specialist is the only trustworthy proof that an attorney is among the best of the best. 

Designations from other entities like “Super”, “Excellent”, “Pro”, “Premium”, “10.0” and attorney advertising claims should all be taken with a grain of salt. All of these designations can be bought by attorneys that have never contested a criminal case.

Criminal Trial Certification by the New Jersey Supreme Court is a designation earned by less than one half of one percent (less than 1 in 200) of all attorneys in New Jersey. It requires: handling at least ten jury trials to verdict; good standing as a licensed New Jersey attorney for at least five years; completion of numerous hours of accredited criminal trial education courses; an unblemished reputation amongst attorneys and judges who attest to the applicant’s character and ability; and passing a full-day intense examination covering various aspects of criminal trial practice.

Criminal Attorney Certified by the Supreme Court of NJ