Point Pleasant Criminal Lawyer

Are you in need of a criminal lawyer in Point Pleasant? If so, you should call Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Sisto for a free consultation.

Fred Sisto is an expert at evaluating the situation and building a case based on the facts. The time he takes assessing the unique situation of each case along with his professionalism and experience has led to numerous dismissals, downgrades, and acquittals.

With other lawyers, you may feel pressured to accept a deal. However, that may not be the best possible outcome for your case. Other lawyers want to skip the hard work involved in preparing for trial. Fred Sisto doesn’t concern himself with avoiding the hard work. He wants to achieve the best possible outcome for you whether through negotiation or going to trial. If you do decide to take a plea bargain, Fred’s skills and reputation will ensure you receive the best possible offer.

Even if you avoid a jail or prison sentence, an arrest in Point Pleasant can still create major problems. When you have an arrest on your record, you will have limited opportunities for employment, obtaining a student loan, voting, and owning a firearm. These troubles occur even for those who avoid jail and are sentenced to probation.

By hiring Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Sisto, you are getting someone with a proven track record. He has won many cases that have resulted in clients’ charges being dropped and not showing up when a potential employer or other entity doing a background check.

To receive a free consultation, call Fred Sisto at 732-898-3232. This will allow you to see his experience first-hand and find out for yourself how he applies his previous experience to your unique situation.


Criminal Lawyer in Point Pleasant