Lakewood Criminal Attorney

If you were arrested in Lakewood you may be wondering, ““What are my rights? What are the penalties if I am convicted? Should I use a public defender or hire an attorney? Who can I contact to help me with the judicial process?”

Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Sisto is an experienced professional who is fluent in English and Spanish, and will help you through this scary and confusing time for your family. He will be there to correctly answer all your questions and form a defense based on the facts of your unique situation. His goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome. It does not matter if you were falsely accused or made a poor decision in the moment, Fred will do everything he can to avoid having penalties or jail time put on your record.

While many attorneys will advise their clients to take a deal, regardless of whether that is what is best for the client, Fred Sisto will take the matter to court if he believes that will provide a better outcome for you. He is not looking to avoid the hard work that comes with a trial. Fred’s priority is making sure that your best interests are protected.

With Fred’s knowledge of Lakewood’s judicial system, you can assure that your trial will be conducted in a professional manner. He will also find out if the evidence collected against you was obtained illegally. If it was obtained unlawfully, Fred will use that as part of your defense.

Call Fred Sisto at 732-898-3232 to find out for yourself how knowledgeable he is in all areas of criminal law. It does not matter what laws you have allegedly broken and the charges you are facing because of it. Fred will create a defense to fight those charges.

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