Red Bank Criminal Attorney

Fred Sisto provides free initial consultations for those who need a criminal lawyer in Red Bank. You should call Fred because he is an expert in analyzing your unique situation and building a defense based on the facts of the case. His dedication to serving his clients, professionalism, and experience has resulted in many of his clients having the charges against them dismissed, downgraded, or acquitted.

Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Sisto is determined to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients. He is unafraid of going to trial, if necessary. If his client is presented with a deal, Fred will use his experience and reputation to get the best possible plea bargain. He will also provide invaluable experience in deciding whether it is wise to accept that offer. Sometimes it is best to go to trial, which is something many other attorneys are not willing to do because there is a lot of hard work and preparation involved. However, Fred is not afraid of hard work because his main priority is looking out for his clients’ best interests.

Because Fred knows that it’s not just about avoiding jail or prison time, he will fight to keep your background check as clean as possible to avoid future complications. Even a sentence of probation with no jail will limit your opportunities for: future employment, obtaining student loans, voting, owning a firearm, etc.

If you need a criminal attorney in Red Bank, call Fred Sisto at 732-898-3232 for a free consultation. With Fred, you will have an attorney who understands your individual case and how it compares to others in Red Bank.


Criminal Attorney in Red Bank